Sprucing The Play Area

Sunday game days are back in full action. The start of football season has begun, which means great games, food and good company. If your home has been chosen as the hot spot to host football game days, you don’t have to worry this season. Check out these tips for preparing your home for a great football party!

Sprucing up the play area:

Whether you are hosting in your back yard patio, your living room or the man cave. A new coat of paint can always change the atmosphere of where you are hosting. Adding an inviting color will make you the host of the year. A splash of color can always make a space look bigger, inviting and welcoming.

Rearrange your furniture:

Help avoid any spills or crowding in your living room space (or whichever room you choose to host the game) by rearranging your furniture to crate optimal space and easy foot traffic. with the intensity of the game as well as food and drinks in everyone’s hand, it’s best to try and keep the room as spacious as possible. Before the temperatures drop, you can also plan to host a few of the games outside in our back yard. Remember that an exterior paint or epoxy flooring will look great for those outdoor hosting.

Set up a projector:

Setting up a projector turns any game on TV into an even better experience, specially when you have a large group of people over. With a bigger screen, eveyone can watch the game without anyone/anything blocking their view.

Keep simple snacks on hand;

Keep snacks on hand, that way you won’t have to make any extra runs to the grocery store during the game. Look for any sales during the week that you can stash away for game day.

If your home is typically the place that people gather on Sundays to watch the game, you can even start a potluck, so everyone can help chip in! Keeping the snack ideas simple will make it easier on yourself and your guests when deciding what type of food to bring over.

Cheers to the beginning of football season!